Did Nokia’s viral marketing work?

Nokia Red Baloons

Image courtesy of Engadget

A few days ago Nokia hung outside HTC’s press conference handing out ‘HTC press conference survival kits’ with the message:

‘…As you’re off to the HTC press conference, we wanted to give you a little HTC press conference survival kit:

  • The HTC Ham, Tomato and Cheese (not the most exciting) sandwich
  • An energy bar in case you need a boost
  • A giant foam finger to use during the Q&A (just to make sure your question gets answered)
  • A pen and pad for doodling
  • Ear plugs and an eye-mask in case you feel snoozy

And a few extra items to keep you entertained.


The Nokia team’

Plainly they were insinuating that HTC’s conference will be a very dull affair. And, kudos to them, they did so in a very fun and playful way. However, going to such lengths to attempt to ruin their competitors’ press conference seems desperate, and in fact validates HTC’s brand as a threat to them. A true market leader shouldn’t need to stoop to that. We think a technique like this would work for a small, cheeky startup company but for a company with a heritage such as Nokia’s, this stunt probably hurt their brand far more than the small amount of publicity it generated was worth.

Additionally, Nokia had a press conference of their own just two days before, in which they announced some new smartphones just like HTC did. Their press conference must have been equally boring as they claim HTC’s to be.

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